Monday, December 17, 2007

#1 of 7 HMW Sins: Operating Sans Renter's Insurance?!!

In honor of the famed "days before Christmas" count down, I'm offering a less festive, but arguably much more important ticker during my next seven posts: The Seven Deadly Sins of HMW. These will be shorter, as we're all quite busy donning little black dresses for holiday parties, but definitely worth your precious minutes.

Toady's sin, #1, is operating sans renter's insurance. Think you don't need it because you haven't accumulated a ton of belongings? Think again. Remember the last time you moved? How many boxes did you pack? Were you not tired after lugging them around all day? That weight right there proves my point!

Still not convinced? Try this simple exercise: Pick one room in your house and go through it, clockwise, listing every single item in it with a cost estimate. Add those figures up and multiply by the number of rooms in your house. Or better yet, do this exercise for your closet!!! Even one filled with Issac Mizrahi is bound to cross into the multiple thousands.

Still thinking it's not worth the bother because your a HMW and a few paychecks could cover you? Put it this way, for the price of a couple of venti soy lattes each month, you'll be protected. If you remain resistant because you feel you'd never do anything stupid, think again! When was the last time your roommate did something dumb? In college, I left a tea kettle on the stove until it had melted into it -- thank goodness my fabulous roomie came home and interrupted my hair drying to tell me about my close call before it ruined our party evening.

Or, later in life, when my "candle accident" turned into a $3500 renter's insurance claim?!! Had I not had renter's insurance, I would have been in a serious bind. Instead, I went right back to Bed, Bath and Beyond and in a matter of hours, had replaced my belongings. (My nerves took significantly longer, especially since I had to explain to the adjuster exactly what happened while on my "date".)

If you haven't already called your provider of choice or looked online for rates, do so now! I just might be the new neighbor next door.

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